The Rescue of Nanoose
The Rescue of Nanoose

Many people and boats were involved in the rescue. Find them in the book!

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The Cast

Captain Jim Borrowman lives in Telegraph Cove with his wife, Mary (who wrote this book with her friend Chloe). They own Stubbs Island Whale Watching and take many people out in Gikumi to see the whales. The Gikumi Gikumi was launched in 1954 and was the first whale-watching boat in British Columbia. Her name is pronounced Gee'-koo-me, which means "chief." The Lukwa  Lukwa is Gikumi's sister whale-watching boat. Her name is pronounced Loo'-kwa and means "a place in the forest."

Captain Mike Durban is the skipper of the Blue Fjord  Blue Fjord  , which was once a floating courthouse and is now a charter boat. His wife, Judy, is a schoolteacher. Her class made the big papier-mache dinosaur and orca that sit on the deck of the Blue Fjord.

Paul Spong and Helena Symonds are whale researchers at OrcaLab on Hanson Island in Blackfish Sound, B.C. OrcaLab is the home of the June Cove June Cove, a sturdy aluminum boat used to help maintin the hydrophones, underwater microphones through which they are able to listen to whales communicating with each other.

Dave Towers, skipper of the Zodiac Spyhopper  Spyhopper, was the first to notify Jim and Mike of the entangled whale. Dave and his wife, Maureen, own and operate Seasmoke Charters in Alert Bay, B.C.

Alexandra Morton is a registered professional biologist who first studied dolphins and whales in aquariums. Almost 25 years ago, she shifted her focus to studying whales in the wilds of the Broughton Archipelago. Alex was collecting data in her sea dory  Alex's dory, Blackfish Sound, on the day of the rescue.