Elders Council for Parks BC

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During the first few months of the establishment of the Elders Council we have focused on these projects:

  1. The establishment of our society, The Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia.
    Leader: Colin Campbell.
    Status: Completed.

  2. Recognizing the Builders of our Parks System:

    1. Celebrating the Pioneers. This event was organized with the support of the Lieutenant Governor to recognize our Parks Pioneers who helped to establish the current system.
      Status: Completed.

    2. Celebrating builders of the last thirty years. This event is going to be organized with the support of the Lieutenant Governor to recognize those who have help to build the parks system in more recent years.
      Leaders: To be appointed.
      Status: Planning to begin soon for an event likely in the spring of 2006 in the Okanagan. We especially welcome the participation of park elders who live in the Okanagan.

  3. Supporting the development of histories of BC's parks. Supporting the development of appropriate histories of BC's parks.
    Leader: Derek Thompson.
    Participants: Bob Ahrens, Bill Merilees, and others.
    Status: Underway, more participants welcome. Work is proceeding to determine what support is needed to bring these histories to fruition.

  4. Establishing oral, literal and visual archives and museum displays about BC's parks to ensure long-term safe storage for materials and objects and to provide opportunities for their display and interpretation.
    Leader: to be confirmed.
    Team: to be developed.
    Status: Steering Committee will discuss strategies at next meeting in January followed by a gathering of interested parties.

  5. Staff and Youth Mentoring to ensure that current parks managers staff, and others have access to the skills and knowledge of those who have retired in ways that really help.
    Leader: To be appointed. Participants are welcome.
    Status: In the formation stage. Discussions proceeding with the ADM Nancy Wilkin re" a regional pilot.

There are other projects that the Council will wish to pursue in areas such as advocacy, raising funds and support, youth education etc. These will be considered by the Steering Committee over the next few months and their adoption will depend on the member support available and the resourcing possibilities for advancing projects.

If you are interested in participating in any of these projects please let us know by writing a short note to Sophie at: info@cpawsbc.org. Please include your name and phone number and the project that interests you.

Down load the free all-in-one form (pdf 17kb) to register, make a finalcial contribution or get involved with a project.