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Educational Opportunities

Conferences 2001-2002

Message from the Chair

Continuing education is important for all who are in the Volunteer Management field. The pace of the world around us demands that we keep abreast of societal trends, legislative changes, and a host of other changes that impact the volunteer programs we manage. There is a wealth of information being produced by government and private organizations that can help to improve existing programs and start new, exciting ventures. The fact that the BC government has seen fit to establish the Ministry of Community Development, Cooperatives and Volunteers speaks volumes.

WADV offers a bursary for a student taking a Volunteer Management Certificate. Past bursaries have paid up to 1/3 of course tuition. This bursary is currently available to anyone taking a Volunteer Management Certificate. The person does not have to be a WADV member.

Currently the only Vancouver Community College and Fraser Valley College offer courses related to Not-for-Profit programs. Management of a volunteer program is only one aspect of a certificate or diploma in Not-for-Profit programs. Camosun is no longer offering the Volunteer Management Certificate but the exciting news is that the Ministry is creating an inventory of training resources this year! Most of the InVolve BC grants from the Ministry are directed towards building the capacity of organizations to train individuals to manage volunteers effectively.

Therefore, we think it is imperative that WADV members take every opportunity to further their knowledge and education. To that end we believe the bursary is too narrowly targeted, thus we have proposed changes to the Bursary Fund to the Executive Committee. It is our hope that the Bursary may be available for all members to access. There is much work to be done to make these changes if they are approved. We, as a committee, are working on these changes to the bursary policy and would like input from members and potential users.

Join us on the education committee and help create: a strong foundation for those acquiring management skills, a wellspring of resources for those seeking information and an exciting arena for those wanting to further their professional skills.

Diane Kirby
Education Chair