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AVRBC Employer's Information Package

Since it's inception, WADV has been committed to establishing what makes Managers of Volunteers successful. To that end, we have developed some criteria for our Members and those who hire Managers of Volunteers.

If You Need Volunteers
You Need a Manager of Volunteer Resources

A Manager of Volunteer Services

Ask the Questions….

  • Are your volunteers enthusiastic and committed to your cause?
  • Are your volunteers always challenged to produce their very best?
  • Do you volunteer meet the needs of your organization and enhance the work of your staff?
  • Do your volunteer enjoys their work and get the recognition they deserve?
  • Do your volunteer contribute to the success of your organization?

Your answer can be yes to all of these questions with a Manager of Volunteer Services dedicated to your volunteer force.

Consider the Answers…

  • Managers of Volunteer Services are skilled professionals who understand the principles of volunteer program development.
  • Managers of Volunteer Services motivate people to achieve their potential with their strong team-building skills.
  • Managers of Volunteer Services train and supervise a successful and committed volunteer team.
  • Managers of Volunteer Services plan and evaluate programs.
  • Managers of Volunteer Services develop budgets and maintain control over financial resources for cost effective volunteer programs.

Reap the Benefits…

  • A higher profile for your organization
  • Enhanced relationships within your organization between staff and volunteers.
  • A fulfilled committed volunteer team
  • A trained public relations force to act as your ambassadors.
  • An opportunity to build important community partnerships.
  • Flexibility to grow and expand.
  • A more powerful organization.

For an information package containing job description and interviewing suggestions for hiring a Manager of Volunteer Services please contact the

Community Awareness Committee
The Western Association of Director of Volunteers
P.O. Box 2259
349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3W2